Stage 1: Collect the Assets

The first step is to gather up all the information about the project:

  • Type of shot required
  • How many render will be needed
  • CAD or Rivet files
  • All colors , samples , sketches and finishes that well be needed
  • Rendering Quality
  • Will there be variations of the model
  • What is your deadline for completion
  • How large will this need to be renderd.

Sample views

Step 2: Grey-Scale Renders

  • Once we have modeled our your space we will begin to send you updates of your model with some basic lighting to see the progress. At this point we can make some tweaks to the model.We typically set up a dropbox folder so you can have imidate access to your files at anytime.This allow for a much better respones time.


Stage 3: Material and Finishes

  • At this stage we have applied materials and adjusted lighting base on your comments and notes. This is the point where we will dail in the final look and feel of your project to ensure we have checked off every aspect of what is required for your project.This is also the stage were the back and forth communication is citical to the completaion of the project.


Stage 4: Delivery

  • Once everything has been approved, we will be gin to render the image(s) to high resolution. With our in house render farm we our renders can take from range from 10 mins to about 2 hours max depending on complexity, keep in mind we still would need to do some post processing. Since all your files are in the cloud you wont need to wait for us to email it you will have access to your renders once complete.